Monk on a boat

A monk on his path, travels through Bangkok, Thailand.

After visiting 36 countries as a teacher and performer, I realized two things (more if you count the things I am not mentioning here):


Slurping your noodles in a British home is very rude indeed but NOT slurping your noodles in Japan is wrong.  A student who questions their lesson in Tibet is a thinker.  Students who question their teacher in China might be in for some trouble.

On the other hand, we all feel the same emotions.  We all hide secrets.  We live. We doubt. We hope and grow.  We are born, live and die.  People are uniquely different yet similar all over the world.  Humans are amazing paradoxes, living life filled with countless stories and then we fade into silence.

Sadly MOST stories are never heard.  And worse, the stories we do hear are often twisted and turned by people who would manipulate us to unfortunate ends.  We are manipulated by the press, our society, and individuals with biases founded on misinformation.

This site is a collection of voices from many places telling stories of love, hope, frustration, despair, desire and more, in their own voices.  My desire is that these living stories will connect you to another citizen of the world and help you to consider your story in the bigger novel of humanity.

“I am not Greek.  I am not Athenian.  I am a citizen of the world”.

Bringing the world together through people in their own voice. If all the good people in the world stood together, what a world this could be. Communicate, Cooperate, Consider others.
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