Grandpa’s license

Getting a driver’s license is an important part in many people’s lives.  It’s a tool of freedom and fun and the cool thing to be the first person on your block to drive down the street in charge of your own direction.

THE FIRST LICENSE – issued  in 1888 to Karl Benz

Vid Sodnik’s Grandfather was one of the first people in his Village in 1930 to have a car.  Getting a license seemed like an easy task but somehow the test proved too much even though it involved just a couple of trees. CHECK OUT THE VIDEO  in Vid’s words.


  • – You don’t need a license to drive NASCAR
  • – The first license was issued to Karl Benz (inventor of the modern automobile) in 1888.  It was just a note of permission for him to drive the loud contraption around
  • – Benedict XVI has a pilot’s license but never got his drivers license for a car.
  • – In Finland, it takes a minimum of two years to  geta full, unrestricted driving license.
  • – In Saudi Arabia, women are not permitted to hold driving licenses.
  • The punishment for driving with a foreign  license in Vietnam is a fine of 1000dong, or $9.50.
  • – You can hold a driver’s license in the UK and be legally blind.
  • – Russia was one of the first countries to adopt the driving license.  Drivers in must have a ‘certificate of mental fitness’ and not have a history of substance abuse.
  • – In Brazil, drivers have to pass a psychological exam before obtaining a license.
  • – In Northern Ireland new drivers must not exceed 45 mph.