First Kiss, First Love – An African Gem

Nonsi (Ms.Beautiful Nonsikelela) shares the story of her first kiss, first love and first loss.

While in Cape Town, South Africa I was honoured to meet this lovely woman.  She was full of brightness and lovely happiness.  She worked as a house keeper and the beloved nanny of a South African boy named Taeo.  south afican school children

Her story about a “naughty boy” who chased her on the school ground lit up her eyes as she remembered how he stole a kiss and Nansi’s love.

And her father’s role in their love is universal.  “I FORBID THIS!”  At least he was honest.

She says that her father remembered what he was like as a boy and he wouldn’t have that for his daughter.  The rest of her story, not featured in the video speaks about her concern that young men in African must learn to respect women and tame the anger that threatens their country’s future.

Loving and  charming,  she is wise, and like many of the other South Africans I met who have little voice because of a world that values the “famous”, and notorious,  she is a hopeful gem in a land of great potential.