The Sex difference…

“Men are PIGS!”, “Women are Emotional”.
“Women are sensitive.  Men are Logical.”

Whether you are a Parisian Cab driver, a Saudi physicist or a Norwegian librarian, you are likely to have experienced an overwhelming and head shaking confusion about the opposite sex.  This is another topic that we share globally.

We would be hard pressed to find a term that suits ALL men and ALL women.  In this clip of mostly Canadians, the am-goth-300opinions are as varied as the person and filled with a universal fascination about the opposite sex.


– A woman speaks about 7,000 words a day; a man speaks about 2,000.

– Men’s brains are statistically bigger .  (Please no emails and arguments) but parts of the male brain are typically the same size or smaller then the female brain.

– After 26,000 brain scans,  neuro-scientist Dr Daniel Amen found increased activity in 112 of the 128 regions of the brain in women.  “The male brain is much quieter in how it processes information, while the female brain is firing all of the time.”

– Women feel more pain and are more sensitive to touch than men are. (based on scientific research)

Let’s TALK about it – or GET ME OUT OF HERE!

Men tend to respond to ‘difficult’ emotional confrontation with the ‘Flight or Flight’ response, while  the women’s reaction is sometimes called the ‘tend and befriend’ system.

Neurobiology professor, Larry Cahill,  from the University of California, observed a part of the brain called the amygdala  was more active on the right side in men, while a woman’s is more active on the left when under stress.

Remembering that the “left side is connected with the area governing emotions and self-awareness”, it might explain why men and women show their differences so clearly during an argument. Men want to “burn off some steam” and go to the gym while women ‘stereo-typically want to “talk about it”.   (Under stress, women release more oxytocin – the chemical closely related to feelings of protection, safety and love.).

Make me Laugh!

And how about those researchers at Stanford University looking at gender difference when it comes to  humour. Subjects were monitored with an MRI and showed consistently that men enjoyed shallow, base humour more than women whose brain’s evaluated the information with much more thought.

And finally…

While reports in the past have shown that men have a lower attentions span, the truth is –  HEY LOOK A SPOTTY BIRD-  (runs off into a field chasing a butterfly).